Thank you

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The celebrations may get over
The laughter may die out
Over the jokes, the worries may cast cover
Over life, existence may prove its clout

One year done , now another to reach
Actions to do, promises to keep
Thousands to speak, lakhs to preach
Tiredness may frustrate you to force sleep

It’s then that these moments echo
It is then that their warmth glow
It is then that realisation dawns in slow
As how on everyone you have silently cast a shadow

It is then that you aren’t alone
It is then that you aren’t in a crowd
Maybe few but still with your tears shall moan
And with your smiles shall be proud

Birthdays aren’t ever about the age
Age is simply a number my friend
Birthdays are about how many etches have you carved on his or her page
Birthdays are opportunities with yourself to make amend

Son to a husband
Colleague to a friend
Transcending infinite faces
Taking infinite paces

Today I take a pause
Look behind and smile at the cause
Thank you, everyone, for forging my identity
Here’s wishing a very happy birthday to me !!!

Dedicated to every single being who bore me for the past 27 years, helping me grow, stand, smile and cry. Especially to the insanely brotherhood of Xavierites, the best ever retards of SPCE, the goodfellas of erstwhile Resellerclub, the weirdos of Bigrock and the madstastic people of Make A Difference. — and definitely the five elements that have held me together — Dad, Bro,Boudi, Luchi and mom 🙂


The love story

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These were series of short poems written as clues for my girlfriend to search the gift that I had bought for her. Each paragraph is a poem in its own, though the entire sequence kind of sums up the initial days of our love story.
Today I set my sights on you
Today was also when I was stepping in a world new
They say love blossoms in rain
Didn’t know it can cause so much pain
Yet for me it changed my fate
Do you remember this date ?
You were dressed in pure white
Looking a Goddess, amazing & petite
Probably the first time we spoke
The word was less of praise and more of poke
Yet it drew you to me
The word is ………

My new self wasn’t to me kind
To my failures I had become blind
Like an instant relief I joined here
But never truly acted on my fear
I didn’t earn the marks but something more
As here I met you and realized you were my core

To the last clue this is how we rode
Love between us here found its first abode
Between you and me lied eternity
Yet it was this space that bought you close to me
Color of love is red
Name this thing where our foundation was laid

A dark starry sky
My heart tattered in pain
Whom I thought would be my
I sensed she was someone else’s gain
I wanted to end here
Besides the railings let out my fear
But I ended up on her shoulder
And that’s how his became her

A different me

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I simply stared at the sky
Stretched serene and blue
Into a joy leapt the heart of my
Why ? I have no clue

I heard the whistle of the breeze
Blowing silent and calm
With its flow my memories freeze
Recollecting the old day’s charm

I walked besides the endless sea
Flowing slow and steady
In its waves my heart leaps free
Today feels a different me