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Walk Alone

In Uncategorized on May 23, 2012 at 5:12 pm

Silence on the lips, the heart screaming loud.

Calm on the face, the pain tearing to bleed out.

Feet on the amber, still not shaking.

The throat parched out, but still singing.

Above, I see only the dark cloud,

Around, I hear only the shrieks,  so loud.

Within the flowers, I see the knife.

Blood, has so much coloured my daily life.

In this bloodied pond, I still see a bloom,

The lotus, standing straight, amidst the muddied gloom.

Among the thorns and shards of glass,

I keep walking, trying to keep myself above the crass.

Leaving behind the fake laughter, the plastic smile,

Towards my inner peace, I walk my own mile.

I walk, with a smile, a hope and a moan.

I walk  together , I walk alone !!!


I am a bird

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I am a free bird, I want to fly.
In the lap of sky, I want to lie.

The sky beckons me,
The horizons are all , that I can see.

Air has now become my friend,
With it I see no end!

Right now, I want to float.
Simply riding the success boat .

With the birds, I spread my wings,
Around them, I play in rings.

My dreams have now, begun to shape.
With honesty and truth, them I shall drape!

The sea is now below,
Over it, I want to flow.

Over this vast blue entity,
I have found a new me!

I want to be me .

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Walking besides the road, you maintain your pace,
Forgetting all the while that every second need not be a race.

Running behind the bus, you maintain your sight,
Forgetting all the while, that being early may not always be right.

Pushing for the local, you maintain your strength,
Forgetting all the while, that mornings weren’t just for jostling meant.

Bargaining with the hawker, you maintain your pitch,
Forgetting all the while, that wrong sounds to the others may reach.

Queuing for the God, you jostle in the line,
Forgetting all the while, that for being late, God’s not gonna charge you a fine.

Aiming for the top, you betray your so called friend,
Forgetting all the while, that all’s gonna come back in the end.

Prancing for the teacher’s grade, you lick her ass,
Forgetting all the while, that you end up making of yourself a crass.

Fighting for racing ahead in life, you think of many to gain,
Forgetting all the while, that in the end you have ended up for your mirror a sight of pain

Jab we met !!!

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I remember that dark night sky,
besotted with the grey haze.

I remember that concrete space,
Where my heart was in a maze.

Standing beyond that steel railing,
I stood straight with a heart that has been wailing.

Concealed within itself, were many a tears.
Concealed within itself, were many a fears.

For days that tiny heart, held them back,
To erupt them out, the courage it used to lack.

Standing on that empty court,waiting for an answer.
An eternity seemed to be passing, yet no sound from her.

Slowly she spoke, but not with her lips.
Upon my shoulder, she laid her head, and thus began my trip.

NOt a sound uttered, not a word said.
But even in that silence, a path to a journey was laid.

The lights died out, the air turned thin.
Floating in my mirth, my love found its fin.