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Arise from the grave ..

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i lay six foot beneath, wrapping the soil as my blanket.
i sleep with my eyes shut, kneeling down in front of fate.

my hands are numb, my legs are devoid of blood,
i have got comfortable being around with mud.

the voice has ceased, choosing to be silent
my ears no longer accepts any sounds, as it was meant.

i am comfortable with the white filth, i am at peace with the intellectual violence,
i am now happy with everything that i had always considered a menance.

my mind has paused, no longer it feels anything
i am alive, but as good as a dead human being.

Courage is now a scarcity, principles are subdued by fees,
Humanity is history, we are simply good looking zombies.

However, my heart still beats, injecting small drops of blood
Trying hard to keep the soul white all surrounded by the black flood.

Despite the sunset, i see a silver line
Trying hard to convince me, that everything can still be fine.

My mind has all given up, my body is devoid of life,
But somehow this stupid heart, still believes that I can fight the strife.

So here I go, still enclosed in my grave,still wrapped up with strife,
With those few drops of blood in me, I will give another shot at life. !!!


I am Sorry

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i am sorry, for I saw the clouds coming, but ducked out under the umbrella
Leaving you behind like the story of cinderella.

I am sorry, for i saw the storm approaching, but took shelter under the shed
Not understanding, that like me even you were weak made

I am sorry, for i saw the floods coming, but took refuge onto the terrace
Not realsing that you always considered me your mace

I am sorry, for I saw the fires burning, but chose to wash out my space
Forgetting that you always considered me your face

I am sorry, for repeatedly saying you sorry, but never enacting one of them
Forgetting that every action henceforth will be seen by you as lame

But still I am sorry, from the depth of my soul
Your tears create a crater—a bleeding hole

I wish someday i could mean all these sorry, could be at your place when you are visited by worry
I wish someday I will be the person you gave your hand, I wish someday I will not be a past imprint on sand

I wish that someday would be a moment in now
I will put your whole life in that single moment, that is a vow !!!

The first few drops …

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The first few drops from the sky,
The first splash as the bus zooms by.

The first few puddles on the road,
The first croaking of the toad.

The first sky  linen of the dark cloud,
The first lightning, thunderous and roaring loud.

The first gathering by the roadside shop,
Munching the fries, as the water continues to drop.

The first sip of the hot tea,
The first waves, lashing across the sea.

The first outing of the raincoat,
The first sail of the home made paperboat.

The first joyous smile of the farmer,
The first romantic outing with her.

The first kiss hidden beneath the umbrella,
The first steps as her only trustworthy fella.

The first sight of the nature, a beauty never before seen,
The first sight of the hills and rivers, lush with green.

The first few drops, washing away the sweat and the pain,
The first few drops,  ushering in the magic of the rain.

I am calm

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Yesterday’s been a fight,
Tomorrow’s an unseen sight.

As I look at my palm
The present appears, silent and calm.

The clock simply continues its tick
Never falling tired or sick.

Yesterday they were here,
Tomorrow even their shadows shall disappear.

The crowd walks around me,
Seldom pausing to breathe and see

Each one walking the same road,
Though only a few can take the load

There is glee there is tear.
There is confusion, there is fear.

In midst of this commotion,
I stand behind, watching the fun.

Long after I realize,
My contemporaries were once smaller in size.

I begin to walk,
But find none to talk.

Despite the confusion each made his own way,
Some made more, some made lesser hay.

While I celebrated my cynicism,
The crowd chose optimism.

Today I stand still looking at my palm,
Tired and hence calm.

Come back

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In the sound of silence,
In the drop of a dew,

I hear my hearts little menance,
Forever thinking of you.

In the whistling of the leaf,
In the smile of the breeze

My heart panders for that beautiful thief.
Who made even the time freeze.

In the shine of the silent moon,
In the infinity of the sea.

My heart hymns a lonely tune.
Asking you to come back to me.

I conquer myself

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The road is lost in the sand
Within the desert has disappeared the land.

Not a drop to sip
Hunger & thirst is all that I get to keep.

The soles, they are worn out.
Seemingly losing out to nature’s bout

The shoulders droop down,
Even my smile has a frown.

The dust engulfs my sight,
Trying to dark out all strands of light

But my eyes make out that lonely top
Awaiting for my tired body to come and stop.

The mind forces me to tug along
The heart still hymns a silent song.

The road is not where the tar is laid,
It is where my footprint is made.

Conquering the fort is just the journey Moving to the next one is the destination.

Worn out soles, aching shoulders maybe the fee,
But the sight from above the eagles is the fun.

When you wrap the sky to sleep,
When you make peace with the one within, living deep.

That the eagles can’t be seen, when you climb so high.
That is when you have conquered the I.