I conquer myself

In Uncategorized on June 2, 2012 at 5:13 am

The road is lost in the sand
Within the desert has disappeared the land.

Not a drop to sip
Hunger & thirst is all that I get to keep.

The soles, they are worn out.
Seemingly losing out to nature’s bout

The shoulders droop down,
Even my smile has a frown.

The dust engulfs my sight,
Trying to dark out all strands of light

But my eyes make out that lonely top
Awaiting for my tired body to come and stop.

The mind forces me to tug along
The heart still hymns a silent song.

The road is not where the tar is laid,
It is where my footprint is made.

Conquering the fort is just the journey Moving to the next one is the destination.

Worn out soles, aching shoulders maybe the fee,
But the sight from above the eagles is the fun.

When you wrap the sky to sleep,
When you make peace with the one within, living deep.

That the eagles can’t be seen, when you climb so high.
That is when you have conquered the I.


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