I am calm

In Uncategorized on June 5, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Yesterday’s been a fight,
Tomorrow’s an unseen sight.

As I look at my palm
The present appears, silent and calm.

The clock simply continues its tick
Never falling tired or sick.

Yesterday they were here,
Tomorrow even their shadows shall disappear.

The crowd walks around me,
Seldom pausing to breathe and see

Each one walking the same road,
Though only a few can take the load

There is glee there is tear.
There is confusion, there is fear.

In midst of this commotion,
I stand behind, watching the fun.

Long after I realize,
My contemporaries were once smaller in size.

I begin to walk,
But find none to talk.

Despite the confusion each made his own way,
Some made more, some made lesser hay.

While I celebrated my cynicism,
The crowd chose optimism.

Today I stand still looking at my palm,
Tired and hence calm.


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