Arise from the grave ..

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2012 at 3:59 am

i lay six foot beneath, wrapping the soil as my blanket.
i sleep with my eyes shut, kneeling down in front of fate.

my hands are numb, my legs are devoid of blood,
i have got comfortable being around with mud.

the voice has ceased, choosing to be silent
my ears no longer accepts any sounds, as it was meant.

i am comfortable with the white filth, i am at peace with the intellectual violence,
i am now happy with everything that i had always considered a menance.

my mind has paused, no longer it feels anything
i am alive, but as good as a dead human being.

Courage is now a scarcity, principles are subdued by fees,
Humanity is history, we are simply good looking zombies.

However, my heart still beats, injecting small drops of blood
Trying hard to keep the soul white all surrounded by the black flood.

Despite the sunset, i see a silver line
Trying hard to convince me, that everything can still be fine.

My mind has all given up, my body is devoid of life,
But somehow this stupid heart, still believes that I can fight the strife.

So here I go, still enclosed in my grave,still wrapped up with strife,
With those few drops of blood in me, I will give another shot at life. !!!

  1. nice but is this not what I has written and mailed u…. COPY CAT

  2. nice one dear….

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