The first few drops …

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2012 at 2:55 am

The first few drops from the sky,
The first splash as the bus zooms by.

The first few puddles on the road,
The first croaking of the toad.

The first sky  linen of the dark cloud,
The first lightning, thunderous and roaring loud.

The first gathering by the roadside shop,
Munching the fries, as the water continues to drop.

The first sip of the hot tea,
The first waves, lashing across the sea.

The first outing of the raincoat,
The first sail of the home made paperboat.

The first joyous smile of the farmer,
The first romantic outing with her.

The first kiss hidden beneath the umbrella,
The first steps as her only trustworthy fella.

The first sight of the nature, a beauty never before seen,
The first sight of the hills and rivers, lush with green.

The first few drops, washing away the sweat and the pain,
The first few drops,  ushering in the magic of the rain.


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