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I am tired

In Uncategorized on August 9, 2012 at 9:31 am

I am tired, I need some rest,

I am tired of trying to be the best.
Chasing the darkness, chasing the shadow.
My own conscience sometimes seems my foe.
Every step I take ahead,
I see that a million more are immediately made.
Every time I take a new turn,
I see a million more also in the run.
I stride in this deep sea,
Barely managing to keep the breathe with me.
All around I see a swarm,
Not a moment to enjoy the life so warm.
Forever jumping to reach the sky,
Even the feet has now become numb of my.
I now feel that I just swam the wrong way,
To my own breeze I should easily sway.
The clock may have ticked away,
But I can still pause in my way.
Take a breath to feel the warmth in the air,
Take a breath of life free of competition and fear.
I now see things all away from haze,
I see life as a clean glass, no longer a maze.
Ohh, I feel the heart beat again.
Ohh, I feel the joy of the endured pain.
Ohh I feel the fun of the tired thigh,
Ohh, I feel the hope behind the vacant sigh.
I avoid the turn, I avoid the sea.
For I realize that, I compete only me.
My infinity has a different meaning,
Life is now simply a clock to sing.