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The lonely rider

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On the lonely highway, I ride the weary bike along,
Even in the parched sand, my lips manage to sync a song.

The tar brushes against the rubber,
The oil smears the metal

But I keep pushing her,
for I don’t wish the dust upon me to settle.

Gushing through the dry lifeless air,
Not even a semblance of life around,

My eyes scans the stretch far and near,
Neither a sight, nor a sound.

The heat slowly seeps inside,
The sweat winding its path down the brow,

My fears, I have so far, managed to hide,
But I know someday they will stalk me, painfully and slow.

I ride alone, as the lonely rider,
The crankling of metal and the thump accompanying me

I have wrapped my courage as my fur,
Earning loneliness and destitution as my fee.

But ride I must, down the endless stretch of sand,
down the long windy coast,

down the lush green watery land.
down the lands that have palaces to boast.

Ride I must, embracing the old and new,
Ride I must, for I have a moments left few.

Ride I must, leaving every soul behind,
Ride I must, uniting my soul and my mind.

Ride I must, for the stretch is infinite,
Ride I must, before the day, my soul finally closes the sight.


Before, I can no longer mend

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It’s been such a long time.
Since I have lent an ear to my heart’s chime.

It’s been quite a while,
That I haven’t done much, except rile.

Looking up at the dark sky,
I chose to see only the hideous clouds and ignoring the drops falling by.

Standing by the sea, weighed in the thoughts of my,
The breeze went past me, and all I still thought was of the other person’s lie.

Passing by the garden, I wept over the dead leaf,
The flower shone brightly, but its beauty couldn’t within me, seep.

Looking in the mirror, I now try to hear life’s fading sound.
Praying silently, that the clocks could turn their hands the other way round.

While so many smiled, I kept up a gruff.
Never realizing that being happy was never really tough.

As the road slowly ends beneath my feet,
I wonder if I can find a shade above a stone as a seat.

But for the final few steps, my journey may have come to an end.
I wish to breathe one last time, before I can no longer , the broken dreams, mend.


Beauty cannot be contained in ink

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Beauty cannot be contained in ink,
Wonder is beyond the imaginations of what one can think

Ideas are truly the progeny of mind,
But it’s the heart that makes them kind.

A simple sway in the passage of the clock,
With one’s heart one honest talk.

With mirth in the thought,
A beautiful refuge is sought.

With smiles in the eye,
The words arrange by.

The beauty in the truth of joy,
Arranges itself in a poet, otherwise coy.

I wish I knew a bit more,
To paint my joys that soar

To express the magic of your prose
Inked for someone truly close

To express the silence of the joyful heart,
In which wholly you own the part !!!