The lonely rider

In Uncategorized on September 28, 2012 at 3:45 pm


On the lonely highway, I ride the weary bike along,
Even in the parched sand, my lips manage to sync a song.

The tar brushes against the rubber,
The oil smears the metal

But I keep pushing her,
for I don’t wish the dust upon me to settle.

Gushing through the dry lifeless air,
Not even a semblance of life around,

My eyes scans the stretch far and near,
Neither a sight, nor a sound.

The heat slowly seeps inside,
The sweat winding its path down the brow,

My fears, I have so far, managed to hide,
But I know someday they will stalk me, painfully and slow.

I ride alone, as the lonely rider,
The crankling of metal and the thump accompanying me

I have wrapped my courage as my fur,
Earning loneliness and destitution as my fee.

But ride I must, down the endless stretch of sand,
down the long windy coast,

down the lush green watery land.
down the lands that have palaces to boast.

Ride I must, embracing the old and new,
Ride I must, for I have a moments left few.

Ride I must, leaving every soul behind,
Ride I must, uniting my soul and my mind.

Ride I must, for the stretch is infinite,
Ride I must, before the day, my soul finally closes the sight.


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