Being Friends

In Uncategorized on February 17, 2013 at 10:30 am


Like a whiff of wind, the seconds pass by,
Collecting under them moments to smile and cry.

Unsung songs, that still evoke an applause,
Unsaid words, that still make you pause.

Limited may sound those ten years,
Unlimited are those stories of courage and fears.

A shared memory, a shared past.
A shared experience, from which we were cast.

Time, its said cannot be turned back,
Just two friends over a pint, and even life changes its track.

Spread over a table, the platter of memories,
Amidst those old abuses, time itself comes to a freeze.

The same old jokes, still so new,
The same old voices, the underneath emotions so true.

Over the jokes, over the fears,
Over the fights, over the tears,

Over the envy, over the anger,
Over the disappointments and slander,

Over the hugs, over the smiles,
This friendship has traveled infinite miles.

Like a whiff of wind, the seconds pass by,
Dear Friend ! Thanks for being in my every moment, low and high !


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