My Valentine

In Uncategorized on February 17, 2013 at 10:33 am


Almost six years have passed by,
I still remember every single smile, every single cry.

I wonder what happened that day,
In the comfort of silence, what did I say ?

I remember the stars fading out,
As I fought life’s strongest ever bout.

I faintly remember stuttering that single line,
Asking you to be forever mine.

I remember those smiles by the window,
I remember those seconds descending slow.

I remember those silent walks at the basketball court,
I remember your glee for the wooden boat,

I still yearn for that long hug, for that silent kiss,
Your incessent tickling and the childish joy, I dearly miss.

Days passed by, staring at the movement of clock.
I am still waiting, when you will alight the final dock.

Worry not ! For you still accompany me.
In those smiles and tears, and those infinite memories.


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