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Jab We Met

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I remember that dark night sky,
besotted with the grey haze.

I remember that concrete space,
Where my heart was in a maze.

Standing beyond that steel railing,
I stood straight with a heart that has been wailing.

Concealed within itself, were many a tears.
Concealed within itself, were many a fears.

For days that tiny heart, held them back,
To erupt them out, the courage it used to lack.

Standing on that empty court,waiting for an answer.
An eternity seemed to be passing, yet no sound from her.

Slowly she spoke, but not with her lips.
Upon my shoulder, she laid her head, and thus began my trip.

NOt a sound uttered, not a word said.
But even in that silence, a path to a journey was laid.

The lights died out, the air turned thin.
Floating in my mirth, my love found its fin.


A new morning

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This morning feels just so different,
It’s as if the air and the time was for me only, meant !

Today even the gloomy dark clouds seem to have a smile,
Today I feel, I can breeze through endless miles.

Today even the withered petals and leaves seem to have a life,
Today I sense happiness even in strife.

Today I feel as light as air
Today I feel there isn’t much time to care.

Today I just wanna fly,
Maybe just in my own heart, but today I own my own sky !!!

Fly high

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Silence on the lips, A shout in the eyes,
Wish departing was just a bunch of lies.

Tears in the heart, a wail in the soul,
Wish, for a moment, I could take up God’s role.

Sweat on the palm, fear in the hands,
Unconvincing faith in God, as you depart for the distant lands.

Tremble in the knees, numbness in the toe,

Today love seems to be my biggest foe.

Strength on the face, shattered deep inside.
I can’t help, but by the whims of time, abide.

As your hand departs, and the steps move beyond,
Every memory flashes, of which we were collectively fond.

And then, I remember my promises to keep,
To let you free, as towards your horizon you leap.

My heart has a belief, to endure this pain,
That one day our palms shall cross again.

In many a high skies, you will find opportunities to fest,
But yet fly back to my heart, your nest.

A smile on the lips, A mirth in my heart,
Fly my dear, I shall wait and play my part.

What is trust

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What is trust ?

Trust is the hand put on your shoulder,
When on your first ride, you take her.

Trust is the tear brimming up her eyes,
When you soar far away into the skies.

Trust is that silent joy on her lips,
When you return back from your infinite trips.

Trust is that demure anger,
When you return home without that flower.

Trust is that lonely longing,
Waiting for the phone to shout out to a ring.

Trust is that endless wait,
And breaking into a smile, when you show up late.

Trust is that tender fondle of the hair,
Trust is the life that lights up a lair.

Trust is holding you while crossing the street,
Trust is when involuntarily both palms meet

Trust is “If you do fear, then take a step away
For I shall lay down to be your path, if there exists no way”

Trust is everything, before and after the words “I love you”
Trust is ” for you, I can never stop trying to be new. “

I have yet to start

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I wonder why am I waiting still,
Time lately hasn’t been much of a thrill.

The horizon I wake up to daily,
By the end, it is nowhere to see.

Every morning I wish I did something new,
Every morning I wish I committed mistakes few.

Every morning I wish that I would greet the sun,
Every morning I wish that today’s gonna be fun,

Yet, the night ends in a letter of apology.
As I quibble to myself all that I could not be.

With thousands of guilt, my eyes bid away the night,
Laughing at my hopes of seeing tomorrow a better sight.

Yet the heart refuses to cave in,
It prods me, for my best is yet to be seen.

Sometimes, it feels like a fool’s paradise,
For living in which, I may pay a hefty price.

I wonder if the laughter around may be the culprit,
But seems, my own blocks I am unwilling to rightfully fit.

Nobody said smiles and sweat can’t go along,
Even tears may spur you to pen a song.

My heart inside, gives out a loud shout,
All I need to do is take that one step out

Don’t cave in yet, seeing others play their part.
You have yet to show, you have yet to start !!!