I have yet to start

In Uncategorized on April 7, 2013 at 12:11 pm


I wonder why am I waiting still,
Time lately hasn’t been much of a thrill.

The horizon I wake up to daily,
By the end, it is nowhere to see.

Every morning I wish I did something new,
Every morning I wish I committed mistakes few.

Every morning I wish that I would greet the sun,
Every morning I wish that today’s gonna be fun,

Yet, the night ends in a letter of apology.
As I quibble to myself all that I could not be.

With thousands of guilt, my eyes bid away the night,
Laughing at my hopes of seeing tomorrow a better sight.

Yet the heart refuses to cave in,
It prods me, for my best is yet to be seen.

Sometimes, it feels like a fool’s paradise,
For living in which, I may pay a hefty price.

I wonder if the laughter around may be the culprit,
But seems, my own blocks I am unwilling to rightfully fit.

Nobody said smiles and sweat can’t go along,
Even tears may spur you to pen a song.

My heart inside, gives out a loud shout,
All I need to do is take that one step out

Don’t cave in yet, seeing others play their part.
You have yet to show, you have yet to start !!!


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