What is trust

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What is trust ?

Trust is the hand put on your shoulder,
When on your first ride, you take her.

Trust is the tear brimming up her eyes,
When you soar far away into the skies.

Trust is that silent joy on her lips,
When you return back from your infinite trips.

Trust is that demure anger,
When you return home without that flower.

Trust is that lonely longing,
Waiting for the phone to shout out to a ring.

Trust is that endless wait,
And breaking into a smile, when you show up late.

Trust is that tender fondle of the hair,
Trust is the life that lights up a lair.

Trust is holding you while crossing the street,
Trust is when involuntarily both palms meet

Trust is “If you do fear, then take a step away
For I shall lay down to be your path, if there exists no way”

Trust is everything, before and after the words “I love you”
Trust is ” for you, I can never stop trying to be new. “


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