Fly high

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2013 at 3:34 pm


Silence on the lips, A shout in the eyes,
Wish departing was just a bunch of lies.

Tears in the heart, a wail in the soul,
Wish, for a moment, I could take up God’s role.

Sweat on the palm, fear in the hands,
Unconvincing faith in God, as you depart for the distant lands.

Tremble in the knees, numbness in the toe,

Today love seems to be my biggest foe.

Strength on the face, shattered deep inside.
I can’t help, but by the whims of time, abide.

As your hand departs, and the steps move beyond,
Every memory flashes, of which we were collectively fond.

And then, I remember my promises to keep,
To let you free, as towards your horizon you leap.

My heart has a belief, to endure this pain,
That one day our palms shall cross again.

In many a high skies, you will find opportunities to fest,
But yet fly back to my heart, your nest.

A smile on the lips, A mirth in my heart,
Fly my dear, I shall wait and play my part.


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