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Eight years …

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Eight years into making
Eight years of being my own king.

Of cries, of the smiles,
I have covered a thousand miles.

Yet I feel that I have not yet begun
Yet I feel the song is yet to be sung

The age, continues its gallop ahead,
The glow of skin continues its unabated fade.

Yet I feel I have yet to start,
There is an entire inventory lying in my dream mart.

So much to do, so much to grow
Yet I idle away my time as foe.

Still waiting to make my mark,
Still waiting to emerge of my dark

I know I am not weak,
The sympathies of time I don’t seek.

I cannot yet tap down,
At life I can’t force a frown.

I cannot yet raise my hands,
I haven’t yet conquered the lands.

I cannot for I haven’t yet entered the ring,
I cannot for I haven’t yet begun to sing.

I have been late I know,
But than never starting its better to start slow.

My demons I shall now face.
Eight years ; I am ready to start the race.