So many

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So many faces I see,
So many voices I hear,
So many people I want to be,
To so many I want to be near.

So many emotions to bear,
So many masks to wear
So many dreams to attain,
So many objects to gain.

So many same promises I always meant,
So many rules, I have always bent.
So many times I try to be a different kind,
So many times I try myself to find.

So many hopes, now an illusion,
So many unknowns, once a relation,
So many strangers, once your own,
So many friends, yet alone.

Life is, but so strange,
What is “so many”, to “so little”, it’ll change
All that remains behind is the same you,
And your reflection in the mirror anew.

  1. So many of your words that leave me amazed,
    So many struggles yet you stand unfazed,
    So many friends you have, always ready to respond,
    Physically separated: Yes, yet always emotionally bound.

    Nothing has changed, as nothing good ever will,
    Your hopes are never an illusion, they just stand unfulfilled.
    Loneliness is self inflicted, but you are not to blame.
    Life just happens to make us all feel the same.

    Many or little, it’s all just in your mind,
    Its our own perspectives that make us blind.
    And dreams are never lost, they are just delayed,
    So Don’t ever lose hope, and never feel betrayed.

    What you felt was lost yesterday, you will stand to gain,
    Sometimes happiness just so happens to start out as a strain.
    We all happen to have our own paths to make,
    Yours just happens to be a different take.

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