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A love story

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She sat behind, holding me tight,
Ending the wait, of endless days and nights.

The roads, persisted with their arrogant might,
The weather, continued presenting a blind sight.

Yet, I flew on unabated,
Its as if, the flight was long fated.

Her fingers crossed around me,
There was only bliss that I could see.

The mirror only projected her smiles,
The loneliness blurred, alongside the miles.

With her chin, resting on my back,
Distance and time, both lost their track.

Than covering the unending distances of this megapolis,
With our love, there can be no greater bliss.

Collating the memories, that lay scattered around,
Collating the moments, once born with our presence and sound.

Long I rode alone,
Long I kept the memories aside,
Today the city feels like home,
With her I conquered the city in a ride !!!


The day, it finally sleeps !

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The day finally goes to sleep,

Hidden within itself memories deep.

All the smiles, all the tears,
All the joys, all the fears.

Collated in the shelf of memories,
And moments, some of which we wish we could freeze.

The body, it slowly sinks into the cot,
The eyes, still open, if something we forgot.

Then a smile builds up on the face,
As the past twenty four hours the eyes trace.

Mirth in the heart, smile on the lips,
Hope born within, for tomorrow’s trips.

The day, finally into oblivion it fades through a blur,
Lets celebrate it with the sleep, tomorrow there will be new battles to conquer !

Life’s the same

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Swing around, and the stories are the same,
There’s pain, both in obscurity as well as fame.

Shelter on the road, or home in the sky;
Everyone still harbors the dream to fly.

Behind the glitz, beneath the penury;
Scratch the surface and the tears are common to see.

Age on the face, or the energy in the walks,
Time is a mute witness to the same jokes and talks.

Hands muddied in the fields or holding the coffee and the file,
Success and Failure for both plays out in the same style

Around the bonfire, over the drinks,
About similar story, everyone thinks.

Life is such a great leveller,
Weaves the same tales — for the peon as well as his sir.

Nothing works !!!

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I got the bucks, I got the muscle,
Yet nothing could save me from my self created hell.

I got the looks, I got the brain,
Yet nothing could save me from my self inflicted pain

I got the glitz, I got the fame,
Yet the end moment of mine would be the same.

I got the silver, I got the gold.
Yet my failures they could not hold.

I got the “her”, I got the “him”,
Yet in the end, my eyes will see the lights going dim

As they say,
In their own sweet little way.

All the king’s gold and all the king’s men,
Could not help him get his age again.

The stories from the hills

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Up somewhere on those beautiful hills,
We gathered a lifetime of memories and thrills

The time kept travelling its course,
Cementing tears and joys in their innumerable pores.

Life continued its unabated journey,
Treachery and trust, in equal measure we could see.

Relationships changed their face,
Ambitions changed their pace.

Distances began to dissolve,
But differences we could not resolve.

Office couch became the bed,
Targets, work made home in the head.

Its not that smiles stopped coming our way,
Just that those memories chose to forever stay.

Have covered innumerable more miles,
Have gathered all hues of beautiful smiles,

Yet, the hills wove a story of their own,
They wove a magic, never before known.

With the few more friends joining on the plain,
I invite everyone of those magicians to recreate the magic again !!!