The stories from the hills

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2013 at 11:49 am



Up somewhere on those beautiful hills,
We gathered a lifetime of memories and thrills

The time kept travelling its course,
Cementing tears and joys in their innumerable pores.

Life continued its unabated journey,
Treachery and trust, in equal measure we could see.

Relationships changed their face,
Ambitions changed their pace.

Distances began to dissolve,
But differences we could not resolve.

Office couch became the bed,
Targets, work made home in the head.

Its not that smiles stopped coming our way,
Just that those memories chose to forever stay.

Have covered innumerable more miles,
Have gathered all hues of beautiful smiles,

Yet, the hills wove a story of their own,
They wove a magic, never before known.

With the few more friends joining on the plain,
I invite everyone of those magicians to recreate the magic again !!!


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