A love story

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2013 at 6:53 pm


She sat behind, holding me tight,
Ending the wait, of endless days and nights.

The roads, persisted with their arrogant might,
The weather, continued presenting a blind sight.

Yet, I flew on unabated,
Its as if, the flight was long fated.

Her fingers crossed around me,
There was only bliss that I could see.

The mirror only projected her smiles,
The loneliness blurred, alongside the miles.

With her chin, resting on my back,
Distance and time, both lost their track.

Than covering the unending distances of this megapolis,
With our love, there can be no greater bliss.

Collating the memories, that lay scattered around,
Collating the moments, once born with our presence and sound.

Long I rode alone,
Long I kept the memories aside,
Today the city feels like home,
With her I conquered the city in a ride !!!

  1. Beautiful one !!! with each sentence I was reading .. I could feel as if it happened before me

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