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O silly time.

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O silly time, you brought back those tears,
Reminded me of that age, when I knew about fears.

O silly time, you brought back those smiles,
How upon those tiny feet, I trotted the miles.

O silly time, you brought back those pains
How, at the end of those I elated at the gains.

O silly time, you brought back those claps,
When I walked up the steps to collect my awards, to win life’s laps.

O silly time, you brought back that stage.
Upon which I stood and unsuccessfully illusioned my rage.

O silly time, you brought back that ground.
Upon which my hidden strength I had found.

O silly time, you brought back a substantial part of me.
I have a renewed hope, now that my past glory I again see.


Life is an instrument !

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Life is an instrument, just tune it a bit.
Life plays its melody, you enjoy while you sit.

Life is a bit of guitar, just strum the string.
The song echoes in the wood and completes what you cannot sing.

Life is a bit of drums, just play the beat,
While the octave falls in line, you find winning even in a retreat.

Life is a bit of piano, just press the key.
How the music changes your sight, close your eyes to see.

Life is a bit of flute, just fill in the air.
While the music engulfs you, you find yourself harmless in the lion’s lair.

Life is a bit of song, you just need to sing.
As you walk down the road, the world becomes wonderful to live in.

Life is a lot about music,
A right combination of this and that is the melody’s trick.


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I am the fuel, I need a spark,
To transit from light into the deepest dark.

What I want, I never make,
What I get, I never take.

I burn off my hands, I burn off my eyes,
Trying hard to prove true, a bunch of lies.

I don’t accept what is today,
I bleed when I fail to make my own way.

I rob off the smiles, not of mine but also of you.
I destroy the laughter, which are anyways few.

What I do, I don’t know.
In the way, I become my biggest foe.

I burn down my heart, I burn down my brain.
I burn in a way, that I am immune to pain.

The fire is raging, eating me within.
This is my Anger, ruining me in ways unseen.

Be happy !!!

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One life to live, one life to die,
Why not just smile, even when we cry ?

So many sights to see, so many to feel,
Why, then make life so complicated to deal ?

So many sounds to hear, so many sounds to sing,
Why then make out of life, a harsh thing ?

Let go your baggage, let go your weight
If life you are own’s best mate.

Let the morning be a dew, let the night be a star
Open your eyes, you will see smiles wide and far.

Music dwells, even in the crankiness of a crow
Life will sing your tune, be happy — today and tomorrow !!!

Don’t go

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Tears swell up my heart
Yet I manage to rest a smile on my lips
My mind is breaking apart
As away from mine, your palm slips

I wish I would never have to let go you
I wish the evening never proceeds towards a day new

But the gates, they fence your dreams,
Beyond the tears, there’s the truth that realms

I wish this moment would never end
I wish not to go back to family or friend

In your hug I find the entire universe
In your absence each breath feels a curse

Truly , truth is so ugly
My happiness it could not see

Just when the bubbles of joy brimmed upon my face
Its ugly head shamelessly came up the surface

For this parched heart , the droplets of memory will suffice
For our dreams, the distance is the sacrifice

Time from me, has borrowed far too many smiles
One day, between us shall exist no more miles

That day I shall recover my due,
Till then with tears and smiles I shall wait for you