In Uncategorized on December 24, 2013 at 1:27 pm


I am the fuel, I need a spark,
To transit from light into the deepest dark.

What I want, I never make,
What I get, I never take.

I burn off my hands, I burn off my eyes,
Trying hard to prove true, a bunch of lies.

I don’t accept what is today,
I bleed when I fail to make my own way.

I rob off the smiles, not of mine but also of you.
I destroy the laughter, which are anyways few.

What I do, I don’t know.
In the way, I become my biggest foe.

I burn down my heart, I burn down my brain.
I burn in a way, that I am immune to pain.

The fire is raging, eating me within.
This is my Anger, ruining me in ways unseen.


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