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A milestone reached

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Milestones are not reached , they are made
Stories of sweat and tears are preached, not simply said.

Behind a smile was a path strewn with tears
Behind the completed mile was the road drawn with fears

Behind every success are stories of hundred defeats
It is in the sweat and tears that the magic of life meets

Only accomplishments leaves a blank road behind
What’s the use if there are no stories to remember and find

Beneath the blazing sun or alongside a silent breeze
Against the gusty wind, fighting the freeze

Over the pebbled roads and over the murky thorns
You now see that a new story was born

Life is however still a journey
A lot many milestones to be made for others to see

The sky has no end, the roads end beyond sight
The world is still dark for you to turn off your light

Just for today , take a pause
Just for today , evaluate your cause

Just for today , glimpse into the past
Over all those stories a smile you must cast

Now take a breath and look ahead
It’s time for a new story to be made