Different exams, same stories

In Uncategorized on March 23, 2014 at 11:06 am

It lies there silent and still,
Covered in white with lines to fill

Gazing straight in your frightened face
Every moment deciding the outcome of the race

Your name adorns the top,
That’s where your nib comes to a stop

Your fingers ready to spill the ink,
Just waiting for the brain to think

The eyes, they scan the infinite sentences ,
Trying to jump over these invisible fences

The tongue, roars the words silently
In the dark lanes of the brain, these you try to see

The sweat starts scurrying up your palm,
It seems in your dictionary never existed the word ‘calm’

Little droplets start sparkling on your head,
With every passing second your future is being made

The heart , seems to be on an adrenaline gush
Everything is still and silent, yet you experience an insane rush

The lifeless white paper mocks you
You are still roaming the silent alleys without a clue

Just when defeat seems imminent to be declared as the winner
A small bulb lights up in one remote corner

With the breach, comes out the gushing flow
On the mocking paper the fingers deliver the blow

The small thought having come to the rescue,
The fingers punish the paper black or blue

You think you Iearnt your lesson, next time you shall prepare well
But trust me, every exam day has the same story to tell


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