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With you !!!

In Uncategorized on July 9, 2014 at 7:40 pm

Your silent eyes stare at my face
The muted sight stares beyond at the race

Fear hides behind your gritted teeth
Uncertainty trembles beneath the perched up feet

The muted lips ask for the magical wand
The trembling fingers find solace in my hand

No words spoken but still we speak
The journey isn’t just yours, but even mine to seek

From the sun and rain I shall be your shade,
For the winter I shall be your fur
Smiles and tears shall rise and fade
But I shall forever be your protector

Your road shall cough up dust, mud or snow
The smooth waters you sail may become difficult to row
Life will gift you experiences of every range 
But you shall find me as your shadow in every change

You shall walk through the coals of tears and gardens of smiles 
Its summer, monsoon and winter you shall have to cope
Inundated with stories shall be your journey of infinite miles
Worry not, I shall help you wear the slippers of hope

The parched throat and the infinite walk,
The tired feet and yearning for abomination
Look behind; i shall be there to talk
And help apply the balm of determination

Beneath the sweat and grime rests an unseen beauty
The journey to the horizon of experiences ends at infinity
Lay out your foot, look beyond the race
In this beautiful world, together we shall discover your special place.