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A parent

In Uncategorized on November 18, 2014 at 4:52 am
Silent little eyes,
Gazing straight at me.
Discerning my truth and lies.
As if my soul she can see.

A tiny blank face,
Resting calmly on her palm
Seemingly deaf to the mad race
And to every wordly charm

The lips, they are sealed
Yet they evoke a thousand echoes
As if there are wounds to be healed
As if the world around has a thousand foes

She waits, her eyes sprouting with hope.
She waits, for you to help her cope.

Muted expectations beaming in her innocence,
Between a smile and a tear you seem to be her only fence


Happy Birthday

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A few years back
Opened two little eyes
Happy little balls of black
The gaze radiating like the skies

Two tiny little lips
With smile stitched on them
Taking all on the laughter trips
With every single attention for her to claim

The eyes glowed over the years
The lips smiled through the fears
The feet, they increased their stride
The identity earned itself its pride

The humble fears of the town
The pride of being her daddy’s crown
The broken promises to herself made
The silent resolutions to herself said

From a daughter to a friend
Being a sister to the worlds end
Enchanting all with her coyish smile
She has covered an infinite mile

Yet the steps continue unabated
Yet the hunger continues to be fed
Yet the pride comes cloaked in humility
Yet for her there is still an infinite world to see

Thus has been her story
Dotted with fears and dreams of queens to see
A girl at heart and a woman in soul
From a colleague to friend she has donned every role

Here’s cheering the first time she cried
Here’s cheering my biggest ever pride
Here’s cheering the epitome of elegance and beauty
Happy birthday to the one who completed me !!!?

Homecoming !!!

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There’s spring in the air
And warmth in the thought
Everything seems fair
As if every ounce of happiness I have bought

There is a dance in my step
And smile in my tear
Even the grumpy mirror now looks pep
There seems clarity even in a smear

There is joy in my eye
And infinite words on my tongue
The feet seem to leap for the sky
Every single heart beat now wants to be sung

There is magic in my heart
And possibilities stretch from far to near
Memories hit back like the dart
Someone special is now finally here