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On the dry weary road,
I dragged my heavy feet along.
Tears on my cheeks,
On my lips a weary song.

To look behind I dread,
Wondering why indeed did I tread.

Among thankless souls and plastic smiles,
I was trying to cover important miles

I needed to run, and run I did.
Everything that I could in this race, I bid.

But alas it wasn’t right,
They needed me not to run, but take a flight.

By the time I grew my wing,
Everyone had finished singing.

How am I to blame
When you lay an unfair game.

But don’t blame me yet,
My flight, though small hasnt been judged by the correct set.

I may have run when needed to fly,
I may have bargained more than the sky

Yet I wasn’t done,
I indeed build a family under the sweltering sun.

You may judge me by my sprint,
But open your eyes, I have laid a culture to mint.

I may not have completed your road,
But I have ensured that my successor has less of my load.

In your arrogance, barbs and jokes
You forgot that your laughter indeed was a painful poke.

But it’s okay, for amongst you I found a few
Who today look up to me for an inspiration new.

Fuck your judgement,
Fuck your decision
I have achieved what you actually meant
While still having fun.

Yes on your path I did not walk
Yes, your words I didn’t talk

Yes I have travelled a bit alone
For I was blinded, thinking only failure I had sown

But new beside me walk a few
Who would band with me without a cue.

And that’s the respect you will forever yearn
That’s thr respect, if even from a few, that I truly earn.

On the dry weary road,
I dragged my heavy feet along
But I have shoulders to divide my load
I have others to join my song


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