The love story

In Uncategorized on January 10, 2017 at 4:44 am
These were series of short poems written as clues for my girlfriend to search the gift that I had bought for her. Each paragraph is a poem in its own, though the entire sequence kind of sums up the initial days of our love story.
Today I set my sights on you
Today was also when I was stepping in a world new
They say love blossoms in rain
Didn’t know it can cause so much pain
Yet for me it changed my fate
Do you remember this date ?
You were dressed in pure white
Looking a Goddess, amazing & petite
Probably the first time we spoke
The word was less of praise and more of poke
Yet it drew you to me
The word is ………

My new self wasn’t to me kind
To my failures I had become blind
Like an instant relief I joined here
But never truly acted on my fear
I didn’t earn the marks but something more
As here I met you and realized you were my core

To the last clue this is how we rode
Love between us here found its first abode
Between you and me lied eternity
Yet it was this space that bought you close to me
Color of love is red
Name this thing where our foundation was laid

A dark starry sky
My heart tattered in pain
Whom I thought would be my
I sensed she was someone else’s gain
I wanted to end here
Besides the railings let out my fear
But I ended up on her shoulder
And that’s how his became her

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